Adam & I is coming to Amazon on April 7, 2022.

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“It was great to travel with the author through this story! It evolved into something catchy with great feeling and depth.”

– Lonneke, Reader

“I’ve been melancholic, sad, happy, angry… This book has touched me deeply. Love the ending. Well written, feels alive, brings out emotions. The length is perfect.”

– Margareta, Reader

“I would not have been disappointed if I picked this up in a book store!”

The Editor

This book has all the ingredients for a heart tug! I was intrigued on various levels by the nomadic lifestyle Tommy lives. I thoroughly enjoyed the character development. Everyone has a place, as does every scene, and it’s stitched together in such a way that I felt I was processing Tommy’s emotions with him as he was. If you’ve been manipulated, lied to, or cheated on in past relationships, you may be a bit uncomfortable, as all these are things you’ll run into.”

– Nicole, Reader


While backpacking in Australia Tommy meets and falls for Adam, a surgeon with a lavish lifestyle. Rich meets poor, but they share a goal of starting a family. Only there is one problem: Adam has another partner, and he will go to the extreme to keep them apart.


When Tommy is offered a job in London and Adam moves to his family home in Los Angeles, both men must reevaluate their views on love, life and relationships. Struggling with his mental health Adam takes drastic measures to cover up his true feelings. Just how far will he go, and can there be a happy ending?


Adam & I is a shocking true story. It’s an engaging romance novel that will keep you guessing as it takes you on a trip around the world. The main plot is the surprising but true experiences of three years of the author’s life.

FAQ – Answered by the Author

Adam & I was originally published as print-on-demand on, and you can still get the original edition here.

However, a new and improved edition is coming to Amazon on April 7, as e-book and paperback.

I really can’t say without spoiling the book for you, but trust me when I say that it’s a story like no other. Surprisingly, it’s almost all true. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that happened to me, and which deserves to be told.

That said, liberties have been taken with certain events and subplots for better storytelling. The book can be read as an engaging romance and has the structure of a fictional story, aimed to keep you hooked.

Most names have been changed for the sake of those involved.

The book is perhaps best categorised as a Romance Drama and reads as a thrilling piece of fiction. It’s written in third person, but it’s also the true story of three years of my life, and an autobiography of sorts. It’s a story of friendships, family, love, deceit, grief and of dealing with change, and features homophobia as a minor subplot.

Yes. I’m Swedish but have lived abroad more than half my life. The book is written in British English.

Yes, just as I am in real life. The main plot follows Tommy and Adam as they try to make their relationship work, halfway across the world from each other and through unimaginable hardships. 

Yes. But don’t be fooled. It’s been through numerous rounds of beta readers, editors and proofreading. Two years of hard work has gone into it. As my otherwise brutally hard editor put it:

“I would not have been disappointed if I picked this up in a book store!”

Yes, an e-book as well as paperback edition is coming to Amazon on April 7.

Yes! Reviews are crucial for any book to be discovered by new readers. If you have read Adam & I, a review Goodreads would be much appreciated.

You can also send your thoughts and feedback to me directly by clicking here. Praise and criticism welcome!

Based on a True Story

Adam & I is based on real events. It tells the surprising but true story of three years of the author's life.

Reads as Fiction

The book is written in third person and reads as fiction. It's an exciting romance drama from page one that will keep you guessing to the very last page.

A Genuine Gay Romance

Homosexuality is a natural feature in the book without being a focal point — gay representation done right!

Set Across the Globe

London, Sydney, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Auckland, Siem Reap, Easter Island, Playa del Carmen & Camino de Santiago are all examples of locations visited in the story.


I’ve studied journalism and always had a dream of becoming an author. Writing is an important part of my daily life, and Adam made my dream come true.

I work in tourism and customer service and have lived abroad for most of my life. Adam & I is my true story. These are experiences no one should need to have, yet I did. I could never have dreamt this story up myself, and I thank you for reading it.


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The Book Title

The title, “Adam & I”, is a play on Adam and Eve, and a nod to the two main characters being gay. A Bible is mentioned once in the book solely for this connection to Christianity.

The Chapter Titles

The chapters have been carefully named. Among them are references to famous sayings and a TV show, and the first and last chapter titles are connected.

Book Length

The book is significantly longer than the standard for a romance novel, because it’s also a biography of sorts. Most romance novels are 60-90,000 words.

Fake Names

Most names in the book are made up but the characters are real people. Some real life people have been merged into single characters for better storytelling.


Scenes from the perspectives of characters other than Tommy are based on what the real life people upon whom they are based have said happened.

Fictional Ending

The ending is the only chapter in the book that is pure fiction. Prior to publication it was never shared with anyone beyond editors and beta readers, to keep even those who knew the story in advance guessing.

Tommy's Father

Tommy’s father is depicted as homophobic in the book. The author’s real life father could not have been more supportive, and the decision to make his character into someone he’s not was not taken lightly.


There was no sex in the first draft of the book. A beta reader suggested it would add value in relevant places, and the author listened (like, really listened).